Corbitt Preservation Association

The Corbitt Preservation Association was formed on November 16, 2003 by individuals who had a vision of history and love for these great vehicles built here in Henderson, NC from 1899 thru 1954. Our first “Corbitt Truck Show and Reunion” was held in 2002. Since then we have had our annual show on the third Saturday of October each year. The last Corbitt was built from spare parts in 1958 and sold to Norris Collins of Franklin Oil Company in Franklinton, NC.

There were nine individuals present for the first meeting. They became charter members of the organization. Membership has increased to over 100 members and still growing. Members are from the following states: North Carolina, Virginia, New York, Ohio, Georgia, Missouri, Florida, Pennsylvania and Kentucky.

There were three major goals set at this initial meeting. First, and most important, was the preservation of the Corbitt name. Second, was the preservation of Corbitt products, and third, the preservation of the Corbitt property.

Our goals are being met through projects including the restoration of the 1930’s advertising monument that stood on old US 1 at the Tar River bridge. We moved and restored this monument in 2005 and it now sits at the former factory site on Parham Street in Henderson.

A Highway Historical Marker was erected and dedicated in 2006 by the Corbitt Preservation Association with the assistance of the State of North Carolina. This marker sits at the intersection of Dabney Drive and US 158 By-pass.

Mr. R.J. Corbitt was inducted into the North Carolina Transportation Hall of Fame in 2007. The Hall of Fame award is on permanent display at the North Carolina Transportation Museum in Spencer, NC. A display of Mr. Corbitt and his accomplishments are also at the museum.

A 100th Anniversary event was held in 2010. The two day event culminated with a show of the vehicles on Saturday May 1, 2010. This event was open to the public.